Discover the exhibitionsFind more

Guides in the exhibitions

During your visit, ask your questions about the artworks and exhibitions.

Flash visits

Visit about the Frac and the exhibition.

Visits of the exhibitions

Visit the exhibitions with a guide.

As a family Find more

Family Visit

Spend a convivial and playful moment with your family, learning about art.

The Big Holiday Workshop

During the school holidays, head for the Big Workshop!

Yoga for children

Do your children dream of being a warrior, a tree or an eagle? All is possible during this yoga class.

Group VisitsFind more

Unaccompanied Visit

Visit the exhibitions autonomously with your group.

Workshop Visit

Choose your workshop in addition to visiting the exhibition.

Baby Visits!

There is no age limit for discovering art!

Adapted Visit

Would you like to take advantage of an adapted, needs-adjusted visit for a group?

Tactile Visit

Allow yourself to be guided through the various exhibition rooms by a mediator and discover some of the artworks in a tactile manner.

National events

National days of architecture

16/10/2020 - 18/10/2020 [14:00 - 19:00]

The Long Night of Museums

14/11/2020 [18:00 - 01:00]

Bureau des cadres

Bureau des cadres

Invite a Frac Artwork Home!