Diplopie [Diplopia]


Diplopie [Diplopia]

The series of photographs and the videos showed in the exhibition were commissioned to Giovanna Silva for the Biennale of contemporary art of Rabat in 2019. Invited by Abdelkader Damani, general curator of the event, the artist-photographer depicts the plural personality of the city of Rabat by capturing modernist architectures, building entrances and storefronts. Often, her photos create a telescoping between the grand narratives − architectural, urban, political − and the small staging of everyday life − stalls, graffiti, windows, storefronts, posters...

If the subject often imposes her point of view in architectural photography, Giovanna Silva escapes the traditional injunction of the wide shot and the general view. By favoring the portrait format, she captures fragments of the city and induces a vision disorder − a diplopia − by showing a merged and exploded image of the Moroccan capital. The artist thus makes Rabat, not a decoration, but a character, which facets are revealed through the photos. Visitors are invited to wander after Giovanna Silva path, and to imagine their own journey through these motionless streets where time seems to have stood still.

Based in Milan, writer, editor and collaborator of many architectural journals, Giovanna Silva develops a photographic practice fueled by her passion for travels and her double diploma in architecture (Polytechnic of Milan) and in cultural anthropology (Università Ca 'Foscari of Venice). The artist-photographer draws a portrait of cities or regions often marked by the turmoil of history and political instability (Afghanistan, Libya, Iraq, Syria...). She is particularly interested to put into perspective the elements of everyday life that mark out public space and the journey of residents. Her photographic series, often published in the form of books, and sometimes as collaboration with authors, are seen as sequences that tell a story: as the ones of Nicosia and Cypriot political situations, or that of the lost magnificence of Tripoli. Her work on Italian nightclubs (Nightswimming) was presented in 2014 at the Venice Biennale.

Pratical informations

Exhibition from June 17 to March 07
Free entrance

The Diplopie exhibition is presented by several chapters, at Turbulences and on the Quais de Loire (Orléans) then on the Canal de Berry (Vierzon).