Felipe Martinez

Artist (1951)

The photographs of Felipe Martinez, born in 1951 in Orleans, are the result of a commission placed with the artist by the FRAC Centre in 1985. Taken once a first survey of the territory had been carried out, it is not so much the designation of precise places that they give material form to, as the idea of past fleeting emotions and memories, then re-discovered on contact with an essentially urban landscape. As far as Martinez is concerned, the city is narrative. It talks about the state of the society in which the photographer is evolving, and which he is part and parcel of. The predominance of curves, recurring like a leitmotiv, and the readable symmetry of the buildings tally with the idea that the photograph of a detail applies to the entire architecture, and that that architecture itself is symptomatic of a given culture. Through the general titles which he gives to his photos—Parking/Carpark, Place/Square, Bar, Cimetière/Cemetery, Gare/Station--, Felipe Martinez further heightens his appreciation of constructed sites as the signs of a development of territory which can be observed on a worldwide scale. Felipe Martinez teaches at the ESAD (Advanced School of Decorative Arts) in Orleans, and is the author of various series of portraits (Portraits, 1993; Pères et fils (1998), and landscapes (Ulaanbaatar, 2005).

Nadine Labedade

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