Inevitability of Culture, Limits of counter-culture? Conference about and with Patrick Bouchain

Saturday, 17th October, 2017

Culture always tends to smooth, level and “salvage”. It also provides the luster of a sense of dignity. Meanwhile counter- culture is destined to be marginal unless the elite ‘officially’ accepts it.

Inevitability of culture and limits of counter-culture: Patrick Bouchain’s work and trajectory is ideally suited for two days of reflection on the wealth and aporia of this odd pair with, as backdrop, the Frac’s Centre-Val de Loire collection, shaping imaginations for over twenty years. And then there is architecture, where, as one knows, we build for others with their money, thus providing ideal scope for controversy.

Guest of honor: Patrick Bouchain
Scientifique coordination: Jean-Louis Violeau
Speakers: Loïc Blondiaux, Xavier Fouquet, Anne Debarre, Michel Bertreux, Aurélien Bellanger, Julien Perraud, Catherine Dohmen, Gilles Delalex, Hubert Tonka, Encore Heureux