Maria Giudici

(Italy, 1980)

Founded in 2014 and based in London and Milan, the Black Square agency has created a series of twelve black square models, illustrated by twelve prints and a book, which read as a slow vanishing of each module’s reliefs from both of the mediums. To this gradual erasement is added another attenuation : the form of the model whose photographic image hides the density and the sharpness of its contours. The project and its title explicitly refer to a form of collective action (the members of the black blocs anarchist —arrive, act and leave in total anonymity before and after a violent group action—a strategy used in 1980s West Berlin) Maria Giudici questions what falls within the iconoclasm, through the confrontations occurring between image and form. The impossibility of an image to completely translate a three-dimensional object, a part always remaining hidden, just like the almost total irreproducibility of black objects, lead the architect to push the limits of visibility. Concluding with what makes “block”, the density of an impenetrable non-space ready to fade to make room, not for emptiness, but for the recognition of what is still awaiting us does not yet exist.