The first powerful act of this event is that of its integration within public space, the place where gender inequalities play out, hegemonic masculinities, the banalisation of the harassment of women, and avoidance strategies. Through this act, we aim to participate in the new dynamics of participatory democracy such as women’s marches. While the geography of gender has demonstrated that urban space is a sexed territory where women have always maintained complex relationships with the city, this Biennale is intended as a site of symbolic appropriation. A site in which artists’ and architects’ works sketch out new urban practices and fall tangibly within the space of the city, its heritage, squares, and loci of sociability and leisure activities. Beyond that, this Biennale hopes to cultivate the ability for artworks to inhabit the city and be combined with the practices of everyday life. Within the perspective of a vast experiment on the scale of reality, we would like the artwork to form an event beyond the spaces traditionally dedicated to art.

Exhibition places in Vierzon

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