Klaus Pinter (Haus-Rucker-Co)

Architect (1940)

A founding member of the Haus-Rucker-Co collective in 1967, the Austrian artist-sculptor Klaus Pinter (born in 1940 in Schärding am Inn, Austria) graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. During the 1970s he contributed to the influence of the radical Austrian scene. Engaged in a virulent critique of the idea of progress, industrialization and its consequences for the environment, Pinter concentrated his research with Haus-Rucker on experimentation with a new rapport with the body, developing sensitive and cognitive spaces which they present during performances in the urban space. These environments (helmets, cabins and artificial skins) contain electronic equipment which provide the user with a way to obtain sensorial liberation. From 1967 until today, Pinter’s aesthetic research has been exploring the potential of inflatable structures: Rebonds (2002) at the Pantheon in Paris, The conquest of the air (2006) created for the year dedicated to Mozart in Vienna (Austria) and The Cocoon (2011) installed in the chapel of the Jesuits in Cambrai.

Nadine Labedade

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