Alberto Kalach

Architect (1959)

After studying at the Ibero-American University in Mexico City then Cornell University in Ithaca, architect Alberto Kalach founded in 1981 the TAX company (“Taller de Arquitectura X”) with Daniel Álvarez, with whom he worked until 2002. The architect brings special attention to bear on the problems emerging from the “vast city”, by considering the city as a whole, an object to study through its geography. In particular, he studies the case of Mexico City, where he was born, for which he founded a working group (México: Ciudad Futura) and proposed   a return to riparian organisation as a solution to the issue of water supply. His projects have won numerous awards, notably in 2004, when he was awarded first prize in the international design contest for the José Vasconcelos Library (with Juan Palomar, Gustavo Lipkau, and Tonatiuh Martínez).


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