Vittorio Giorgini

Walking Tall, 1981-1983

The Walking Tall project, a skyscraper designed in 1982-1983 for New York illustrates the degree of complexity and sophistication Giorgini reached in his spatial experimentation, employing new industrial techniques (specific technologies for light structures). In both form and purpose, the design for this building of over 250 meters in height was presented as an alternative to the typical office towers in the neighborhood. An asymmetrical beam runs around the base sheltering a shopping center and creating the transition between street level and the stories above. The central core of the building comprises apartments, offices and diverse facilities, and the tetrahedral element at the summit houses an observation deck as well as rooms intended for public activities. Giorgini’s technological innovations are most obvious in his utilization of reticular beams, spatial mesh and tensile structures composed of both symmetrical and asymmetrical modules. The main static system of this elevated building consists of a central oblique steel tree from the tip of which three smaller trees fan out. Each of these smaller trees is held in balance by a double pair of steel cables, whose intersecting points define the triangular sections of the building’s surface.

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