BIOTHING (Alisa Andrasek)

Mesonic Fabrics, 2007-2009

Meson, n.

_all subatomic particles bound together by strong interaction



The principle underlying Mesonic Fabrics makes it possible to generate structures with forms that are fluid and permeable to the environment. BIOTHING’s concept of “mesonic fabrics” explores intermediate algorithmic states by transcoding three different algorithms. The electromagnetic field designed via the Flower Power plug-in, which was created by BIOTHING for the Rhino software application, was originally used for developing structural trajectories for the configuration of roofs. A resonant system was then printed on the ground, creating emitters to run the second algorithm. Finally wave data was processed by reproducing the micro-articulations of the floor. In this way, a study highlighted distortions in the nature of the structure. This effect is amplified by the behavior of the Cellular Automaton and causes the structure to slip from rigid geometric states with clearly distinct characteristics towards other more organic states. Thus, looking like lace, coral or shells, BIOTHING’s models (produced using stereolithography) appear to be living organisms that merge with the earth’s crust.

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