Designed as a set design for the exhibition at the FRAC Centre in 2009, a_maze was developed by BIOTHING as a suite of furnishings that spreads out in the fractal pattern of the Koch curve (snowflake). A simple shape created using a strip of material, subdivides repeatedly on different scales in order to produce, through a folding process, a compound nested form, creating a maze-like object in space. The principle of its generation is programmed and conditioned by certain constraints: the spaces for which this structure is intended as well as asymmetries and accelerations or decelerations of the folding. This multitude of variables weighing on the object prevents any formal standardized and predetermined responses. Qualified as “complex,” the system generates unpredictable and “non-standard” forms. Several types of material can be utilized for fabricating this structure cut with digitally operated machines. The version produced for the FRAC Centre was made with slices of white plastic.

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