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The Happy Hours

The Frac Centre-Val de Loire provides a new way to meet up after leaving work or class: a pleasant, relaxing time at the Frac with a drink and an easy-going encounter with the rising figures of the current art scene.

Visits and Workshops as a FamilyFind more

Family Visit

Spend a convivial and playful moment with your family, learning about art.

Cave DIY

As you make your way along this visit, stop for a while in the “Grotte” [Cave] to participate in little workshops pertaining to the exhibitions.

Game Booklet

Request your very own game booklet and track down the artworks to unveil their mysteries.

Visits and Workshops for One and AllFind more


Set out to conquer the architecture and the city!

Aperitif Visits

Drinks and a Visit

Guided Visits

Once a month, visit the exhibitions with a guide.

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Baby Visits!

There is no age limit for discovering art!


Explore the exhibitions with a guide

Experimental Visit

Playful exploration of the artworks.

AccessibilityFind more

Adapted Visit

Would you like to take advantage of an adapted, needs-adjusted visit for a group?

Tactile Visit

Allow yourself to be guided through the various exhibition rooms by a mediator and discover some of the artworks in a tactile manner.