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Pascal Häusermann

  • Balcon de Belledonne, 1966
  • Monsieur Telmont propriétaire. Groupe restaurant façade sud, éch. 1/50
  • Drawing
  • Encre sur calque
  • 46.5 x 62.5 cm
  • Donation Pascal Häusermann
  • 997 06 141

Balcon de Belledonne, 1966

Projet réalisé

In the tradition of his experimentations with ovoid architectures, Pascal Häusermann and his wife, Claude Häusermann-Costy built one of his major works, the Balcon de Belledonne. Perched 1200 metres/4000 feet up near Chambéry, with a splendid sweeping view, this restaurant, which includes a small leisure centre, was built using a reinforced concrete veil, entailing no shuttering. Focusing on the interpenetration of ovoid spaces, the whole takes on the form of a cell-like aggregate. Around the central cell are an adjoining office, a circular terrace looking over a suspended swimming pool, and, slightly to one side, a small outbuilding for sanitary facilities.

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