Hideyuki Yamashita

Nested Cube in Process, Kunimi-machi, Oita, 1993-1995

Located on the seashore in a sparsely populated region of Japan, this project for a vacation home (1993-95) is composed of a set of nested spaces. Two tubular structures in cubic form of the beam-column type are nested within each other and constitute the framework for the house. Different spaces are “attached” to this “core space.” The Nested-Cube appears as a “meta-space,” a metaphysical space, whereas the spaces grafted onto it are “actual-space,” i.e. living spaces. This recursive assemblage forms a geometric progression, based on the precise mathematical theorem of Euler: n points - n lines + n surfaces = 2. Thus, a constant relation is set up between the points, the surfaces and the arris of a Euclidian body. The Nested-Cube is like an image with views of itself. Mirrors placed in the central area reflect the visitors’ image throughout the building. Here, Yamashita is playing with the optical illusion of infinite depth in which images, reflections and reality endlessly intermingle and overlap.

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