Guardiola House

Peter Eisenman


Peter Eisenman is an internationally renowned architect, theorist and teacher, who made his mark during the 1980s in United States as a leading figure in deconstructive architecture. The constant parallel he established between philosophy and linguistics allowed him to rethink architecture’s history, along with its functioning and limits, inventing configurations that intensify the user's spatial and temporal experience.

The Guardiola House (1986-1988) evokes traces left by decomposing the movements of a form sliding along a slope, much like a wave on the sand. Designed for Cadiz bay in Spain, the housing project is the result of operations that manipulate (rotation, displacement, superposition, shift) a basic geometrical figure: the cube.

With this project, the architecture refers only to itself and the process that developed it. It does not present any signs traditionally evoking a house: most of the living areas overhang empty space, opaque walls block the seascapes, floor windows constrict users' habits, and appear to be suspended in the air. The generated spatial complexity creates a disorientated and fragmented perception of space that challenges us to rethink the relationship between the habitat and the inhabitant.

Pratical informations

Exhibition from April 27 to September 16, 2018
Opening Thursday, April 26 from 6pm