Centre Beaubourg



This exhibition displays the exceptional works acquired by the Frac Center-Val de Loire during the project exhibited in 1971 at the Centre Pompidou by the artist and architect Chanéac in collaboration with Pascal Häusermann and Claude Costy. Comprising more than 80 drawings in addition to the model created for the competition, it bears witness to the visual approach of a painter by training who understands architecture and the experience of space via his experiments with sculpture and painting.

Chanéac's project is diametrically opposed to Renzo Piano and Richard Roger’s winning proposal, inaugurated in 1977. Chanéac imagined a complex organic structure from springing and enveloping arcs: large curving volumes of varying sizes, opaque or transparent, entangled with one another, are spread over the entire esplanade around a body of water.

Chanéac advocates for an architecture "palpitating, sculpture and landscape (...), rich and complex in radical opposition to the architectural philosophy that wants to create works with very neutral volumes that blend into their surroundings." According to him, it must "trigger audio-visual experiments" and generate multiple and unexpected uses.

Pratical informations

Exhibition from April 27 to September 16, 2018
Opening Thursday, April 26 from 6pm