Nicolas Moulin


With his voluminous, large-scale sculptural shapes, Nicolas Moulin evokes a singular world of architectural figures.

They give evidence of urban contexts defined by the product of a relationship to fantasy that increases and develops with an attentive, documented, and measured interpretation of globalising urban constructions and projects – whether these originate from political drifting reveries or from the excessiveness that stems from large-scale architectural programmes on a territorial scale.
These emerging figures merge the past (the Reconstructions, the ’30 Glorieuses’, the Cold War) and the future, carried by Nicolas Moulin’s approach, which, to this end, activates both fiction and archaeology.

The physiognomy of the figures he produces seems delineated, the potential result of an extraction. At the same time, however, they are also strongly suggestive, so as to better spill over the outline.

They shape ruin as much as unstable construction.
They are hypothetical prototypes as much as future remains.
They place the viewer in a position to see definitively partial forms, the appearances of which designate what could be, in the imagination or belief in a few forgotten archives, or according to a still possible contextualisation, their ‘continuations’.

Spilling over what might bring them to a close in one final step.


Eric Dégoutte, curator