Set out to conquer the architecture and the city!

Undertake a circuit around the Frac, guided by a mediator. Warm up and a few exercises at Les Turbulences, among the artworks or sipping fruit juice.

Guided Visits

Once a month, visit the exhibitions with a guide.

Behind-the-Scenes Visits

Discover the Frac as you’ve never seen it before!
Roam the exhibition rooms outside of opening hours for a privileged visit with a few members of the team and find out about everything that an exhibition entails (production, floor management, collection, etc.).

Back to the Future Visit

The Frac Centre-Val de Loire goes back in time and sets a date for you in the mid-1960s! A mediator presents a visit of the exhibition and a dive into the unusual and hip world of one figure from the collection.

Inter-Views Visit

Unmask the artworks with the help of a mediator.

Open to all, this visit offers a change of perspective with respect to the works. Armed with opaque glasses, the participants attempt to imagine the artwork that’s described to them… Without using the prohibited words!

Visit adapted for the partially-sighted.


The Frac Centre-Val de Loire associates with the Fun&Yoga studio to explore the exhibitions while mobilising your body and your senses through an original guided visit, punctuated by yoga postures in front of the works.