Jakob + MacFarlane

Librairie Florence Loewy, 2005

Jakob+MacFarlane’s intervention in the Librairie Loewy (Loewy Bookstore) in Paris negates the linear space of the bookstore’s walls by transforming them into complex volumes of shelving systems. These shelving systems are both objects for displaying books as well as structuring elements that entirely change the way the available space is utilized. The architects worked on the relationship with the environment, and, drawing inspiration from the average book format (36 x 36 cm), they designed a system with infinite possibilities that makes it possible to take maximum advantage of the interior volume. The standard book format provided the basis for the configuration of a broad matrix of a wooden frame, which was then to take over the entire space. This framework was carved out to form the bookshelves, enabling customers to stroll around inside the bookstore. A bit like wandering through a forest, the system appears to be based on the digital modeling of visitors’ movements. The result is three islands forming tree-like towers of books. Here the book becomes an object of desire and, at the same time, an object generating its own architecture.

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