Archizoom Associati

Letti di sogno, 1967

Projet de Gilberto Corretti

In 1967, using reductio ad absurdum, Archizoom imagined the Letti di sogno, and thereby introduced the use of design in a critical way in the civilization of mass consumption. If the form of the bedrooms tends towards a symbolic and sacred simplification, the decoration of these “dream beds” is made voluntarily over the top and kitsch, through the use of imitation marble made from laminated plastic, the superposition of pop symbols and signs, as well as leopard skins and stuffed animals. In their anti-design approach, these micro-architectures denounce the ever increasing proliferation of objects. They are emblematic of an “aggressive, closed objectuality of opposition, which imposes itself on the surrounding environment by the power of its language” (Andrea Branzi). Here, Archizoom is interested in the image as a whole and, through the image, in the possibility of expressing a judgment on the civilization of the image.

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