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A la lisière de la savane

A la lisière de la savane, 1985

François Martin
  • Artist (1945)

The French visual artist, François Martin, born in 1945 in Paris, worked closely with writers whose books he illustrated, and with poets and philosophers taking part in his own oeuvre (Jacques Derrrida, Jean-Luc Nancy); he started to produce paintings on canvas during a six month visit to New York. From that pictorial research, he retained the use of fragments, remnants and objects which inform his drawings, texts and photographs. The motifs which make up his repertory borrow both from a certain body language as well as from the world of children’s books and an imagery taken from photos and symbols of our society. They are invariably dealt with using a serial process of repetition and variation, and each series has its own story. Poncifs (1977), a title provided by Jean-Luc Nancy, juxtaposes, for example, 312 drawings of some 20 everyday objects, produced in four days. As an extramural graduate of the Villa Medicis, François Martin is regularly invited to set up workshops in art schools in France and abroad (Greece, Egypt, Chile, Peru). More recently, during his residency at the French Institute in Valencia in 2010, François Martin once again engaged in a dialogue with Jean-Luc Nancy, based on a figure found in Spain, The Lady of Elche (5th or 6th century BCE). Martin’s work has been shown, in particular, at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie in Arles, in Melbourne, at the French Institute in Valencia, and in Montreal.

Nadine Labedade