Technical board

Acquisition Policy

As from the early 90s, the Frac Centre-Val de Loire focused its collection on the link between art and architecture. For 20 years, it has been concentrated on the acquisition of experimental and prospective architecture projects from the 50s to this day. It also acquires pieces by artists whose work relates to architecture, as well as projects for public spaces.

How do I submit an acquisition offer?

The technical board gathers two or three times per year. Acquisition offers must be sent two months before each session.
Find out about the board’s meeting schedule at

Application files must be sent by email ( or by post at:
Frac Centre-Val de Loire
(Proposition d’acquisition)
88 rue du Colombier
F-45000 Orléans

Files must include the following elements:

  • Presentation of the artist / architect and artistic approach;
  • Technical specifications of the suggested pieces (material(s), dimensions, date, illustrations, packaging, etc.);
  • Any other document likely to give additional insight onto the piece and the artist / architect’s general approach (curriculum, bibliography, publications, illustrations, CD, DVD…);
  • Presentation of the gallery (if necessary).
  • The offer price

Rejected application files will only be sent back on demand.

Concerning retained application files: applicants will receive a letter 5 to 6 weeks following the technical board’s session and after validation by the FRAC Centre’s general meeting.