Requests for artwork loans

In order to make in-depth work on the collection possible, the movement of works has been considerably restricted.

How to request?

The time frame

All requests should be sent at least six months before the opening of the exhibition.
For any loans outside France, additional six weeks are necessary before the shipping of works due to administrative approval.

The request

The requests are submitted to the Frac Centre-Val de Loire loans Committee which usually meets three times per year.

A letter should be addressed to the President of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire:

Madame Carole Canette
Présidente du Frac Centre-Val de Loire
88 rue du Colombier
45000 Orléans

The letter must detail the dates, the place, the title and itinerary in case of the exhibition procession. It must also include the list of the requested works with the name of the artist, the title of the works and the inventory number (please see the link for the collection)

Approval process

In case of approval, a letter will be addressed with the description of the loan conditions (obligations of the borrower).
A loan agreement will be fixed between the borrower and the Frac Centre-Val de Loire. The loan agreement details the general loan conditions and includes the list of approved works and their technical instructions.

Note : The shipping, packing and insurance costs are always in charge of the borrower.

In some cases, additional costs should be taken in charge by the borrower :

  • Restoration, framing
  • Production of the copy of videos, movies
  • FEE (Administrative cost)
  • Convoying expenses

Appraisal or scientific contributions

Request modification

A new letter must be addressed to the President of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire at least three months before the opening of the exhibition for any additional loan request, any modification of dates or place.