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Touring Exhibitions

In order to respond to one of its fundamental missions – dissemination – each year the Frac Centre-Val de Loire presents a touring exhibition based on the works in its collection. By adapting it to the host venues, the Frac makes copies available to schools, as well as some of the original artworks. Mediation texts are also provided based on the exhibition.
The project is part of the “Un établissement, une oeuvre” [One Institution, One Artwork] initiative jointly supported by the French Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, the Scéren CNDP-CRDP – Réseau Canopé, and the association of French regions (1RF).

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The Frac Centre-Val de Loire is initiating a new, multi-year lending policy for secondary schools in order to show work from its collection over the long term.

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New Curators

Inaugurated in 2017, this new programme provides the opportunity for audiences to act as exhibition curators and devise an exhibition based on the Frac Centre-Val de Loire’s collection.

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Architecture & Nature

If, as Heraclitus said, “nature loves to hide”, many artists and contemporary architects have tried to understand its workings and reveal its principles, whether they be technical, physical, aesthetic, philosophical, or moral.


With their organization, movement, and buildings, as well as their atmosphere, cities provide an excellent subject for students to observe, question, and explore.

Mobility & Architecture

This trail deals with the approaches that architects have developed to easily move and transport housing (bubbles, units, nomadic and inflatable structures).

Living Differently

To live differently is to question our daily routine and put forward one or more alternatives: changing architecture in order to change our lives.