Thematic publications


The collection of works by artists related to architecture and architectural projects of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire, as story of the origins: a rereading of the foundations on which architectural experimentation has been built since the beginning of the 1950s.

224 pages
Co-Edition Frac Centre-Val de Loire & Les presses du réel.

years of solitude

Catalog of the second edition of the Biennale d'Architecture d'Orléans.
Six guest curators has been invited to tell tales of solitude from around the world, in places where architecture is still a form of engagement with reality and a “promise” for freedom

Walking through someone else’s dream

Catalogue of the first Orleans Biennale of Architecture: introduced by a series of texts on Guy Rottier, Demas Nwoko and Patrick Bouchain, the publication offers an intersecting vision from over forty contemporary architects working on building a shared world. The concluding part presents a mapping of the research in architecture.

470 pages, bilingual edition (Fr/En)
Éditions Les presses du réel

The City, Faraway

The book was published for the occasion of La ville au loin [The City from Afar] presented in 2015 and makes an account of this exhibition, devised like a story in four acts in multiple geographies and temporalities: Rouen, Montpellier, Marseille, and Orléans.
An artwork in each of the collections of the 22 other Fracs had been selected, entering into conversation with the collection of Frac Centre-Val de Loire and the invited artists’ works.
Here, it was a question of discussing our systems of distanciation, our systems of vision. “The city is distancing itself,” Jean-Luc Nancy tells us, “it has now retreated by a distance that tendentiously covers the entire territory.”

100 pages

Coffret Collection du Frac Centre

This limited edition book set gathers two catalogues of the Frac Centre collection (experimental architectures 1950-2012 and Art & Architecture) and offers an exceptional exploration-both historical and critical-of the relations between art and architecture in creation from the 1950's until today.
Collector object, it contains as well a DVD of the film "Les Visionnaires, une autre histoire de l'architecture" (2013) a documentary by Julien Donada produced in collaboration with Frac Centre-Val de Loire and about the architectural utopias of the 1960's and 1970's.

éditions HYX

Naturaliser l'architecture / Naturalizing architecture

The 9th Archilab event will be accompanied by a publication presenting the work of the architects, artists and designers being exhibited. Essays by internationally renowned philosophers, mathematicians and scientists will set the projects on view within the broader framework of a line of thinking about the theoretical and architectural challenges posed by the simulation of the living world.

296 pages, bilingual edition (Fr/En)
éditions HYX

Architectures expérimentales 1950-2012

Collection du Frac Centre

Through the emblematic projects of some 150 architects and ten essays, this publication proposes a journey through the architectural and urban experiments in the FRAC Centre collection, from the 1950s to the present day.

éditions HYX

Art & Architecture

Collection du Frac Centre

Through the works of 65 artists, ranging from Dan Graham to Matta-Clark, and Andreas Gursky to Berdaguer-Péjus, this book questions the way in which art production from the 1960s to the present day has been informed by architecture. A dozen essays shed a probing light on these challenges, from early 20th century modernism to current artistic practices.

éditions HYX

Bernard Tschumi, Chronomanifestes

As part of the celebrations for the Fracs 30th anniversary, Bernard Tshumi has opted for the idea of a manifesto, using one or more projects produced each year between 1950 and 2010. "Chronomanifestes" offers a journey through the Frac's collection, from radical architecture to deconstruction, right up to the new digital technologies.

128 p., French/English
éditions HYX


Collections FRAC Centre et Centre Pompidou

During the 50s, running counter to the deep territorial transformations that followed the urgent wave of reconstruction, came a new search for non-functional architecture. Designers who gravitated around André Bloc and the group Espace started advocating an authentic synthesis of the arts between artists and architects. Michel Ragon was, in 1963, the first to name this trend “Architecture-Sculpture” – a trend with no leader or manifesto, united by a preference for the organicity of forms. This volume, based on the FRAC Centre and Centre Pompidou’s collections, features a great number of architectural masterpieces of the 20th century. Pierre Joly and Véra Cardot’s scale models and photographs put into perspective the inventiveness of a whole generation of creators who, by foreshadowing a plastic experimentation of form, set a historical milestone for today’s prospective architecture.

112 pages, french edition
éditions HYX

Architectures expérimentales 1950-2000 – Collection du FRAC Centre

This volume is the first edition of the FRAC Centre collection catalogue, published on the occasion of the “20th Anniversary of the FRACs,” and offers a historical overview of utopias and experimentations in the field of architecture between 1950 and 2000. Featuring essays by critics and historians of architecture, it provides a record of the great figures and movements of experimental architecture. Over 100 architects are presented in relation to the seminal projects of 20th-century architecture.

576 pages, french edition
éditions HYX

11 écoles d’architecture

Catalogue published on the occasion of the 11 écoles d’architecture exhibition (29th May – 14th July 2002, FRAC Centre).

84 pages, french edition
éditions HYX

12 Ecoles d’architecture en Europe, projets d’habitat

Catalogue published on the occasion of the 12 Ecoles d’architecture en Europe, projets d’habitat exhibition (10th May – 30th June 2001, FRAC Centre).

72 pages, bilingual edition (Fr/En)
éditions HYX

Domaines Publics

This volume gathers a series of projects for the public space that are featured in the FRAC Centre collections. Created by artists, whether in collaboration with architects or not, these pieces break down the barriers between disciplines by redefining the roles of art and architecture within the reflection on urban spaces. The public artwork featured here therefore draws a great deal of its inspiration from the methods of theatre, based on the notions of performance or perceptive actuation by the visitors, who are thus considered as actors within the artwork and the city.

88 pages, bilingual edition (Fr/En)
éditions HYX