Architecture and digital technology

The practice of architecture has undergone a deep mutation since the 80s. The introduction of the computer and the logic of information treatment that it entails in the architect’s work have deeply influenced a discipline that was trying to renew its codes and language.

By using Conception and Computer Aided Manufacturing software, the architect no longer only draws but brings into play calculations and sums that modify the computer model. Conceiving architecture equals establishing relationships that constantly recompose the project according to the thought patterns and information that emerges while the project is being elaborated. A project is above all defined as an active system, which integrates and interweaves the different aspects of the architectural programme, the physical qualities and behaviours of both the materials used and the environment (whether it is social, cultural, physical…): a hybrid and interactive architecture that answers a new “digital ecology.”

Therefore, many architects question the very principles of morphogenesis and even transcend them to attain a new interdisciplinary approach, which includes both informational and natural sciences. Architects also collaborate with engineers, mathematicians, biologists, geneticists, or dynamics experts.

The elaboration of a project, from its conception to its realisation, is now part of a perfect horizontal continuum that regroups interconnected computer modules. Architecture thus opens up to “non-standard” procedures and offers a set of various unique constructions designed using the same system.

Archi-Tectonics (Winka Dubbeldam)Museum of Global Culture, Göteborg1998
AsymptoteHydrapier, Haarlemmermeer2001
BIOTHING (Alisa Andrasek)Mesonic Fabrics2009
CLOUD 9 (Enric Ruiz-Geli)New York Aquarium2006
dECOi (Mark Goulthorpe)In the Shadow of Ledoux1993
Hernan Diaz AlonsoBusan Multipurpose Concert Hall2004
Hernan Diaz AlonsoBusan Multipurpose Concert Hall2004
dZ0 ArchitectureGhost Track2002
Emergent Design (Tom Wiscombe)Micro-Multiple House, Los Angeles2001
EZCT Architecture & Design ResearchAlgorithmic Design for the Non Standard Architectures Exhibition Set2004
Zaha HadidThe Hague Villas, Spiral House1991
Jakob + MacFarlaneLes Turbulences, FRAC Centre, Orléans2006
Axel KilianChair2006
KOL/MAC (Sulan Kolatan & William Mac Donald)Meta_HOM Estouteville, Charlottesville, Virginia2001
Tom KovacGan House, Melbourne1993
MaterialEcology (Neri Oxman)Monocoque2008
Enric MirallesSwatch Car Show Room, Barcelona1992
Morphosis (Thom Mayne)Malibu House, Los Angeles1987
New-Territories (S/he)(Un) Plug, La Défense, Paris2001
New-Territories (S/he)Dustyrelief / B-mu, Bangkok, Thaïlande2002
Marcos NovakZeichenBau2000
NOX (Lars Spuybroek)Fresh H2O, Pavillon de l'Eau douce, Waterland Neeltje Jans, Zeeland1994
NOX (Lars Spuybroek)Fresh H2O, Pavillon de l'Eau douce, Waterland Neeltje Jans, Zeeland1994
Objectile (Bernard Cache, Patrick Beaucé)Sans titre1998
OCEAN Design Research AssociationJyväskylä Music and Art Centre2004-2005
OCEAN UKTumbleweed2000
ONL [Oosterhuis_ Lénárd]Saltwater Pavilion, Neeltje Jans Zeeland1997
Open Source Architecture (OSA)The Hylomorphic Project2005
servoIn the Lattice2002
UNStudio (Ben van Berkel, Caroline Bos)Möbius House, Het Gooi1993-1998