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During the 50s, running counter to the deep territorial transformations that followed the urgent wave of reconstruction, came a new search for non-functional architecture. Designers who gravitated around André Bloc and the group Espace started advocating an authentic synthesis of the arts between artists and architects. Michel Ragon was, in 1963, the first to name this trend “Architecture-Sculpture” – a trend with no leader or manifesto, united by a preference for the organicity of forms. This volume, based on the FRAC Centre and Centre Pompidou’s collections, features a great number of architectural masterpieces of the 20th century. Pierre Joly and Véra Cardot’s scale models and photographs put into perspective the inventiveness of a whole generation of creators who, by foreshadowing a plastic experimentation of form, set a historical milestone for today’s prospective architecture.

112 pages, french edition
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