Published on the occasion of the Objectile (from furniture to architecture) exhibition at the FRAC Centre in 1998, this volume presents the research carried out by the design and architecture studio Objectile, based in Paris, which then included Bernard Cache, Patrick Beaucé, and Taoufik Hammoudi. Objectile works on the industrial conception and production of curved shapes, which come in a variety of forms: sculpture, design, furniture, building components, architecture, urbanism, or landscape design. By using the computer aided manufacturing software that they created (TOPCAD), Objectile achieves a series of “non-standard” objects, both similar and different, like singular variations on a same morphological theme, and which Gilles Deleuze would call “Objectile” in his book The Fold: Leibniz and the Baroque, published in 1988.

40 pages, bilingual edition (Fr/En)
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