James Wines et Site - Architecture dans le contexte

Closely related to radical architecture and Land Art, James Wines (1932) started to develop his research on architecture in its relationship to its surroundings in the 60s, thus opening up a path for an interaction between art, technology, and nature. James Wines sees architecture and landscape as parts of the same continuum. His agency SITE (“Sculpture In The Environment”), based in New York, gained international recognition with its spectacular designs, such as the series of BEST stores (Indeterminate Facade in Houston, 1975) and the Inside/Outside Building in Milwaukee in 1984. This monograph presents a series of environmental works, in which James Wines defends the concept of indetermination as well as a large number of architectural projects from 1968 to this day, where he asserts himself as the protagonist of “green” architecture.

152 pages, bilingual edition (Fr/En)
éditions HYX