Hernan Diaz Alonso

15'09", english, French subtitles, 2019

Davide Sacconi

17'30", English, French Subtitles 2019

Cornelia Escher

17'53'', French, 2019

Emeka Ogboh

13'42", Englih, French subtitles, 2016

Ant Farm

7'46'', English, 2007

Jordi Colomer

10'18'', French, 2014

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Radical architecture

Between 1966 and 1974, a European protest movement developed, which claimed an opening of architecture to conceptual and artistic practices, free of any constructivist aim.

Architecture and nature

With his book Green Architecture (2000), the architect and theorist James Wines calls the attention of his peers to the ecological disasters related to the building industry. Going beyond a mere environmentalist criticism, he formulates the need to produce a universal message, a “green” aesthetic that presents itself as a true communicative iconography.

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years of solitude

Catalog of the second edition of the Biennale d'Architecture d'Orléans.
Six guest curators has been invited to tell tales of solitude from around the world, in places where architecture is still a form of engagement with reality and a “promise” for freedom

Walking through someone else’s dream

Catalogue of the first Orleans Biennale of Architecture: introduced by a series of texts on Guy Rottier, Demas Nwoko and Patrick Bouchain, the publication offers an intersecting vision from over forty contemporary architects working on building a shared world. The concluding part presents a mapping of the research in architecture.

Coffret Collection du Frac Centre

This limited edition book set gathers two catalogues of the Frac Centre collection (experimental architectures 1950-2012 and Art & Architecture) and offers an exceptional exploration-both historical and critical-of the relations between art and architecture in creation from the 1950's until today.
Collector object, it contains as well a DVD of the film "Les Visionnaires, une autre histoire de l'architecture" (2013) a documentary by Julien Donada produced in collaboration with Frac Centre-Val de Loire and about the architectural utopias of the 1960's and 1970's.

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First French publication about Superstudio
300 pages
Co-edition Frac Centre-Val de Loire & Lienart éditions

Patrick Bouchain

Patrick Bouchain has become a master of the art of understanding, federating, and revealing the insights, knowledge, and skills for inhabiting the world differently. Applying a retrospective view to the last five decades of creation, this book presents an original inventory of some one hundred and fifty projects devised by Patrick Bouchain from 1967 to 2017.
It follows the donation of archives to the Frac Centre-Val de Loire, whose collection is one of the largest in the world for architecture, then the solo exhibition that was presented at the first edition of the Biennale d’Architecture. Designed like an atlas, the book revealed the contents of the many notebooks created as each project developed, in which the circumvolutions of drawing are combined with collage and writing, the rebounds of thinking out loud, unfailingly stimulated by social dialogue.

s/he would rather do FICTION MAKER

This book is a psychological cartography that returns to the exhibition eILe Pr_FAIRE FICTION (flashback 1993-2050) presented at Frac Center-Val de Loire in 2016-2017.