reverse of volume FC

Yasuaki Onishi


The artist Yasuaki Onishi has devised a specific version of his installation reverse of volume for Les Turbulences, and what he offers us here is an ephemeral landscape on the scale of the Galerie des Fours à pain.

Onishi reverses the concepts which give structure to sculpture—mass, volume—by making empty spaces: he wants to “conceive spaces as margins and negatives”, and thus “capture the invisible”.
His in situ installation reverse of volume FC plunges visitors into an immersive experience of an evanescent mountainous relief.

Simple materials—plastic, fishing line, glue—are transmuted by the artist’s patient and controlled gesture. Like the imprint of a volume, the surface made up of a single sheet of polyethylene materializes opposing and invisible forces: gravity, which governs Onishi’s sophisticated procedure, here seems to be reacting to the telluric forces of the relief.

The installation offers visitors numerous views of this reversed mountain. At first glance, they grasp the undulations of the thin suspended outer surface. The perception changes when the visitors go under the semi-translucent envelope on the scale of the body, akin to a rocky cavity. From within, they can contemplate at their ease the gradation of shadow and light.
The membrane quivers as they pass—a sign that the fragility of the installation contrasts with the massiveness and permanence attached to the mountainous landscape: this artificial environment plays with the ambiguity between an infra-thin and infra-visible surface and the rocky mass of the high landscape.

Onishi lives and works in Japan. This show is his first in a French cultural institution.