Je te fais ma demeure [You will be my Abode]

Originally from Greece and the Basque Country, Daphné Bengoa grew up in Switzerland, where she took photography classes at the École Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne, which she would later complete with a Masters in Arts and Languages at the EHESS in Paris. She develops photographic and video work based on human agency, such as the power of the imagination and the capacity for action, in her relationship to the self and the Other, the city and society. In particular, she focuses on anonymous figures of resistance: the men and women who rise up against the aberrations of a system and attempt new ways of living and working. Her work derives from the observation of our modes of existence: between the restoration of elements of expertise and the emergence of new collaborative modes, her ambition is to put the spotlight on the men and women who are mobilising to participate in the reinvention of our society. Her recent series on the architectural work of Fernand Pouillon was presented at the Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie (Arles, 2019).

Pratical informations

Exhibition from June 17 to March 07
Free entrance