Until 2022

L'Informe was, and remains, the unfulfilled desire of artists and architects of the 20th and 21st centuries. This desire is so strong that it is rare to find a creator who resists it; not that the formless is an end in itself, for by definition it is inaccessible and indefinite, but in this that informs keeps in itself the promise of a discovery of the unknown without ever reaching it. If half a century separates André Bloc and Michael Hansmeyer, their creations are unequivocally a common point, because they contain in them an old idea of architecture that makes shelter and awakens in us the memory of a form that is anthological to him: the cave. Where Michael Hansmeyer puts the most advanced technologies at the service of the inform, André Bloc creates an unruly geometry that resists the form by a simple manual shaping. These architectures dialogue around a question that concerns architects: What spatiality for the future and what uses for architecture? These monolithic compact objects, resulting from a complex computational process or a classical structural composition, experiment with the spatial possibilities that a transdisciplinary practice of architecture can offer. In André Bloc the prospective path was that of the synthesis of the arts, while in Hansmeyer the experimentation focuses on the possibilities of a collision between the systematic production of the machine and the human imagination.

With the works of: André Bloc and Michael Hansmeyer