Petting Zoo


Focus ArchiLab

This interactive creature finds its source in the eponymous "petting zoo", a zoo for children in which domestic animals coexist along slightly wilder species that can nevertheless be approached.

Petting Zoo here consists of a sort of robotic creature with three luminous, flexible, vibrant and sonic tentacles that can be stroked like any live animal. Each of these tentables has its own features and "personalities" that evolve according to contextual and environmental parameters. Individual and collective participation, recorded by digital cameras and mobile interfaces, is translated in real time in the very behaviour of the articulated structures.

But Petting Zoo is not only a reactive environment that would only provide systematic responses; its system allows it to evolve its behaviour, express "moods", communicate and engage with visitors.

Minimaforms : Theodore Spyropoulos / Stephen Spyropoulos
Design team : Pierandrea Angius, Apostolos Despotidis, Manuel Jimenez Garcia