Cabinet of Post-Digital Curiosities

[Ay]A Studio

Inspired by the spirit and aesthetics of the cainet of curiosities, this installation offers a synoptic and saturated vision of prototypes obtained through "slow prototyping". The installation forms a grid that alludes to Mendeleev's periodictable of chemical elements as well as to teaching charts used in biology.

Each prototype has its own properties and behaviour that result from the intervention of various parameters during the fabrication process (materials, chemical reactions, climatic conditions, drying time, degradations, etc.).

Their localisation also depends on their "genetic" and "physical-chemical" relations with other elements as well as on their evolutionary stage within a species. The "Catalysers" (Ca) are the moulds from the which some of the "Synthetic epidermises" (Ep) were obtained. These latex transformations in turn generated resin "Exoskeletons" (Ex), as well as "Crystals" (Cr), also in resin.