Is it still possible to be a stranger?

The purpose of the day is to explore the virtues of strangeness, whatever the situation. What stranger could we want to be? We propose therefore a reflection on the following theme: it is necessary to be a stranger.

Scientific coordination: Abdelkader Damani et Christian Ruby

Friday, 08th December, 2017

Strangeness is not only a condition that is indispensable to humanity, but it may also be required to learn to “appear to be a stranger” to preserve alterity, as well as criticism. The day at the Frac Centre-Val de Loire is based around a general guideline: exibility regarding disparity and working with different orientations, in this case architecture and its relationship with other disciplines. Particularly as the nature of architecture is to continuously create “foreignness or otherness”. Architecture lifts weights, determines limits, reconverts new vacuums in available vacuums and, above all we might say, organizes the landscape.

By organizing the landscape architecture attempts to resolve a paradox: on one hand, requisite distance from the world to protect ourselves; on the other, the impossibility of being other than actively involved in the world to form its narratives.

Scientific coordination: Abdelkader Damani and Christian Ruby