Land of dreams to dreamland: dream of a state to a state of a dream

When addressing the architectural scene in Palestine a set of inquiries remain unanswered. Many scholars focus on the history and heritage of the Palestinian architecture; others focus on the future of Palestine and discuss concepts related to decolonizing the architecture.

With the participation of : Mr Dr. Yasser Elsheshtawy, Mme Arch. Nadia Habash, Mr Dr. Arch. Shadi Ghadban, Mr Dr. Abaher El Sakka
Scientific coordination: Mme Dr. Shaden Awad, Mme Arch. Dima Yaser, Mr Dr. Yasid Al Rifai

Is it still possible to be a stranger?

The purpose of the day is to explore the virtues of strangeness, whatever the situation. What stranger could we want to be? We propose therefore a reflection on the following theme: it is necessary to be a stranger.

Scientific coordination: Abdelkader Damani et Christian Ruby

News from utopia : cartography of architectural research

The ‘cartography of architectural research’ symposium will bring together/architecture schools from around the world to lay the groundwork for a research program in experimental architecture that the Frac Centre-Val de Loire will launch during this first edition.

Scientific coordination: Luca Galofaro et Abdelkader Damani
Invited school: Southern California Institute of Architecture, Los Angeles, USA / Università di Camerino, SAAD Ascoli Piceno, Italie / Architectural Theory, University of Innsbruck, Autriche / Institute for Advanced architecture of Catalonia, Barcelone, Espagne / Cooper Union, school of architecture, NYC, USA / Arquitectura en la Universidad Nacional de La Matanza, Buenos Aires, Argentine / Ecole nationale supérieure d’architecture de Nantes, France

Inevitability of Culture, Limits of counter-culture? Conference about and with Patrick Bouchain

Culture always tends to smooth, level and “salvage”. It also provides the luster of a sense of dignity. Meanwhile counter- culture is destined to be marginal unless the elite ‘officially’ accepts it.

Guest of honor: Patrick Bouchain
Scientifique coordination: Jean-Louis Violeau
Speakers: Loïc Blondiaux, Xavier Fouquet, Anne Debarre, Michel Bertreux, Aurélien Bellanger, Julien Perraud, Catherine Dohmen, Gilles Delalex, Hubert Tonka, Encore Heureux

Mental Land

A recent model reflecting a local, spontaneous and collective approach, an approach that began its distillation in unoccupied sites or wastelands appears to be opposed to traditionally planned, fortified and channeled land. Architects change status and cooperate, pursuing and sharing projects with the inhabitants.

Speakers: Patrick Bouchain, « architect » and builder, André Guillerme, engineer and historian