Theodore & Stephen Spyropoulos

(USA, 1976 & 1980)

Founded in 2002, Minimaforms has developed an experimental architectural practice closely connected with new forms of communication. For the Biennale the agency has created a model of urban development based on the “daily emotional interactions” of individuals. Emotive City captures real-time information flows from social networks and the presence of visitors. The data is defined as an alternative self-management model based on total mobility, redefining the structural organization for collective and relational intelligence. The model consists of twenty clusters that manage and compute the data via a computer program and spherical bots arranged around the model; these are equipped with light sensors and Wifi to interact with the public and transmit the data to the model. The spheres contain microcosms connected to a global network, echoing the utopian language of the visionary town planning from the 1960s (Pneumacosm, Haus-Rucker-Co). The chromatic variations of the model represent its different phases of activity and help to amplify the immersive effect on the visitor. A screen displays the calculation diagrams and transfer operations in real time. tors.