Maria Charneco, Alfredo Lérida, Guillermo López & Anna Puigjaner

(Spain, 1975, 1975, 1980 & 1980)

For MAIO architecture is defined as much by real buildings as by imaginary constructions, both inhabited buildings and projects that were never developed. The representations of architecture, such as plans, sketches, and drawings, waiting patiently for their future transition into constructed matter. These images of architecture can be either real or imaginary elements, like mirages, dreams or Fata Morgana. MAIO pays particular attention to the principle of the library of Babel described by Jorge Luis Borges in the new eponymous, where all books, written or yet to be written, coexist. On their flag, the architects of MAIO imagine an infinite architectural landscape, bringing together possibility, and making all the architectural projects constructed and unconstructed cohabit, given to us here as a parcel.