Ido Avissar

(France, 1972)

Refusing to limit itself to a fixed disciplinary framework, the Parisian agency LIST, created in 2012 by Ido Avissar, approaches architecture in a transdisciplinary manner. In Gray Corridor the agency has created, a narrow semi-circular corridor allowing only one person to pass at a time, a spatial sequence, punctuated with a few different sized images and objects positioned with no hierarchy at different heights: two models of a house, a large drawing, an exaggeratedly long subdivided plan, a piece of red furniture, an oversized walkway, a window. The origin of the elements is from a dialogue established with the work, Project for an Architecture Pavilion (2000, collection of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire) by Mathieu Mercier, which LIST envisages through a report of analogies. In Gray Corridor, opposing scales, and the porosity between architecture, design and art, become a sequence of objects that by conserving their autonomy feel like they are in a dream, updating an operating procedure that places all of the importance on associations.