Ana Peñalba

(Spain, 1981)

Spanish architect and researcher Ana Peñalba considers the creation and construction process as a collaborative action, an indispensable condition, according to her, for developing habitable and sustainable cities. She is convinced that we must stop destroying in favor of giving more importance to what already exists, her work uses the assembly of existing forms and objects that she re-assigns to invent new structures. In 2016, during her residency at RAIR (Recycled Artist in Residency), in Philadelphia, she imagined ten installations replicating the city’s iconic architecture made from garbage. For her participation in the Biennale, Ana Peñalba has continued this project moving her work into the public space of Orléans as a flag convoking the universe of recycling: photomontage of elements created as a result of her work during her residency. This piece, which inspired Peñalba to invent new collaborative architectural protocols, features similarities to the use of misappropriation defended by Ricardo Dalisi, Gianni Pettena or Guy Rottier.