An Instant Before the World

Rabat contemporary Art Biennal


It is in the very nature of every new beginning
that it breaks into the world as an infinite improbability.
Hannah Arendt

The Fondation National des Musées du Maroc presents the first edition of the Rabat Contemporary Art Biennial, held in the Moroccan capital and devised by Abdelkader Damani, director of the Frac Centre-Val de Loire, guest chief curator, from September to December 2019.

Entitled An Instant Before the World, it brings together around sixty women artists (architects, filmmakers, choreographers, and stage directors), invited to launch a new narrative about the world. Its ambition is that of founding the conditions necessary for prospection and prospects in favour of a vital rewriting of the history of art, an urgent redefinition of our relationship to aesthetics and politics.

The Rabat Biennial will be established in various locations around the city, in order to create a practical, two-fold movement: that of artworks within public space, offered for the residents’ curiosity, as well as several exhibition venues inviting visitors to discover the artworks while also “wandering” through the city’s landscapes. Through these two arrangements, the mapping contributes to rewriting reality and transforming it into fiction. Rabat, a cultural capital – City of Light – can thus be personified as the foremost artist invited to this Biennial, which, far from withdrawing from history, intends to grasp contemporary social and political realities.

In its multidisciplinary mode, through the commitment of its protocol – to invite only women artists – and its geography set to the scale of the city, we hope that this Biennial will be an infinite improbability in the art world, sparking a change in imaginaries in the hopes of transforming reality.