Claude Parent

Programme Architecture Nouvelle, Inclipan, 1974

“To provide a concrete illustration of the theory of the Oblique Function,” was the stated motivation given by the team charged with the sixth Programme Architecture Nouvelle (PAN), comprising Claude Parent, Pierre Aïoutz and Irene Labeyrie. Following the lessons learned from applying this same theoretical principle to the renovation of the apartment of Andrée Bellaguet (1971) and his own home in Neuilly-sur-Seine, Parent made the individual pod the focus of the study. The cells are then interlocked to form artificial hills that can be adapted to the specifics of a site. Here, his architecture ─ circulation spaces as well as collective and private spaces ─ are organized around ramps, be they inside, or simply at the front. Although the PAN commission found it original and innovative, the inclipan was not selected in the end.

Audrey Jeanroy

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