Claude Parent

Gare centrale de La Part-Dieu, Lyon, 1974

Avec Charles Delfante, René Gagès et André Remondet

After his Paris projects for the Batignolles Train Station (1970) and for the Austerlitz Train Station (1971), Claude Parent joined up with André Remondet (1908-1998), René Gagès (1921-2008) and Charles Delfante (1926) to work on a study for the main train station for Lyon. Located in the La Part-Dieu district, the program presented by the architects went well beyond a “temple to the locomotive.” An example of signal-architecture, the station was designed as an urban bridge linking two parts of the agglomeration, which had always been separated by railway lines. The project was undermined by the economic context of the time, but the different preliminary studies done by Claude Parent show his attachment to a richly imaginative design practice. The double slope of the main hall from the 19th century is transformed by the effect of monumental ramps and curves.

Audrey Jeanroy

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