Claude Parent

CES Vincent d'Indy, Paris, 1985-1991

In this scholastic architecture program for 650 lower secondary school students, Claude Parent revisited his thinking on spaces of circulation that he had initiated for the French Ministry of Education (unbuilt, 1970-1972) and then implemented for the SEPTEN (Lyon-Villeurbanne, 1982-1984). The interior ramps of this school are inclined at 5%, unfolding within a helical system that remains unbroken by a single step. Outside, the prefabricated concrete panels are a key feature of the building, which the architect attempts to bring to life through the effect of detaching them from the façade. There is very little color used; only touches here and there (yellow ramp, red window frames) and it is designed to highlight movement in the architecture. This is enhanced by the work of the artist painter Michel Carrade (painted murals) and by the architect’s daughter, Chloé Parent (color scheme).

Audrey Jeanroy

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