Antti Lovag

Maison Bulle Antoine Gaudet, 1968-1996

The house for Antoine Gaudet, whom he met in 1968, positioned on the side of the Tourrettes Mountain, was Antti Lovag’s first built project. This dwelling is a series of interlocking portions of spheres and curving lines. The shells were designed in veils of micro-concrete. The concrete is sprayed onto the iron framework in three layers. The interior space of this bubble house is given its structure by the furnishings and the circulations. Thus, his search for practical form led to the elimination of angles and the design of centered spaces that facilitate communal life. The non-linear interior perspectives create an impression of breadth. “As in any space defined by curves, every movement entails a change in perspective. This contributes to creating an impression of inexhaustible variety” (Pierre Roche).

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