František Lesák

Baum als Baum getarnt (A tree camoufled as a tree), 1972

In 1972, Lesák was invited to take part in the Viennese exhibition Objekte, Subjekte, Umveltgestaltung, where he produced a spectacular action in a downtown park (“Stadtpark”). The artist covered an age-old tree with a gigantic military camouflage net. This ephemeral installation, reinstated by the artist in photographic form, marked a new stage in his series Mimicry, devoted to surface effects in the psychology of perception. Lesák actually revealed a poetic work about the envelope or wrapping, shapelessness, and disappearance. Behind the tautological aspect of the work (suggested by the title), the textile membrane alters the silhouette of the tree to the point of bringing forth a new dimension, giving rise to effects of mass and tension, which, under the effect of the wind, emphasize the morphology of the tree by underscoring its fragility.

Aurélien Vernant

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