Pascal Häusermann

Pavillon de week-end expérimental, Grilly, 1959-1960

Between October 1959 and March 1960, when he was still just a student, Pascal Häusermann built an egg-shaped house for his parents, at Grilly (Ain). This Experimental Weekend Home, built in six months by the architect, was his first work using a reinforced concrete veil, with no shuttering. This practical technique permitted an economy of wherewithal and materials, as well as an absolute continuity between the building’s outer and inner surfaces. Häusermann then designed a dwelling cell, no less, formed by a kitchen area, a large living-room, a bedroom and bathroom. The spaces in the Grilly house were formed by an interplay of partitions and could thus be adapted to the wishes of those using it. Published in various architectural magazines, and then described by Michel Ragon in his book Où vivrons-nous demain? (Where Will We Be Living Tomorrow? (1963), the Experimental Weekend Home was followed by many commissions which would enable Häusermann to develop his ovoid architectural structures until new building permit legislation put an end to such projects in the 1970s.

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