Angela Hareiter

Live Information, 1965-1966

After Plastik explodiert, her first project undertaken at the Technical University in Vienna in 1965—a project which showed an inordinate enthusiasm for the use of plastic applied on all the scales of the everyday environment (from objects to dwellings)—, Angela Hareiter continued her investigations into the cell with Live Information. Two years before Coop Himmelb(l)au’s Villa Rosa (1968-69), she defined the cell as a space capsule adapted to the body’s proper measurement and fitted with many different kinds of audio-visual apparatus which put the user in an immersive experience calling on all his/her senses: “hearing, seeing, feeling”, as suggested by the caption of a diagram. The above-mentioned drawings show the way in which the plastic cells, which can be dismantled, are grouped around a central structure supported by a mast and suspended at a height of more than five metres/16 feet, uprooted and temporary. As a nomadic and interactive arrangement, the cell henceforth forms the habitat of the future, capable of being plugged in to megastructures which thus greatly increase possibilities of human communication. Architecture, here, is no longer conceived in terms of forms—the multiplication of the cell has more to do with a combinatory practice—but of uses, sensory environments, and events.

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