Angela Hareiter

Kinderwolken - Children Clouds, 1966-1967

After Plastik explodiert (1965), Live Information (1965-66) and Future House (1966-67), Angela Hareiter added a poetic touch to the sociological optimism of these three projects, devising with Kinderwolken a “cloud meant for children”, a breathing space in our congested cities. Attached between highrise residential buildings, this “heart” becomes a matricial space totally dedicated to desire, games and the vibrations of a society in love with freedom. Made of PVC, comfortable, protected, and aerial, the “cloud” expresses an evolving dream, growing at the same pace as the occupants’ age. Access to it is via the apartments in the highrise buildings. These nomadic PVC structures, suspended above the city’s thoroughfares, move about and for a moment interfere with the existing architecture, helping towards an endless renewal of the city’s image.

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